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Corporate Culture in Times of Crisis

COVID-19 has put us all into a worldwide crisis situation virtually overnight. Wherever people interact with each other, especially in times of crisis, it becomes obvious who we can rely on. This is true in politics, in organizations and companies, among friends and in the family.

Announcement: Our International Business Newsletter Service

Do you want to be always up to date in international business? Our perspective: international newsletter offers many valuable insights and practical help for you. We also keep you informed about updates on our website and provide links to the latest blog entries. Here is a selection of topics we will cover during the coming weeks […]

6 Great Online Tools for Creative Teamwork

After the lively interest in our field report on online workshops, Harald Karrer and I would like to respond to the request to give our recommendations on the online tools we use. You may also want to consider this as a small input to promote ‘digital competence’ in companies and to underline the importance of […]