Online Business Coaching with Christof Sauke

Online Business Coaching

with Christof Sauke

For all of us, the current “corona crisis” is a state of emergency. In times of dramatic change, good communication is particularly important – even more important than usual! With my new online coaching offer I will help you to find new communication channels and to organize the new normality of online meetings and the like for your company in a practical and efficient way.

My Online-Coachings: Target Audience

  • Do you now have to control your team remotely and want to organize remote meetings?
  • Do you need new perspectives and strategies for the current exceptional situation?
  • Or do you just have other business challenges that need to be tackled and solved now?
  • Use my new online coaching offer!
  • Master all management challenges from home!
  • Bonus: tips and tricks for using common tools and apps for e-communication.

Full-fledged coaching

Like “face-to-face”, but completely online – via the channel of your choice. For example Zoom (my recommendation), Facetime or Skype.

Practical tips for more efficiency

My online coaching also includes practical tips for using great eCommunication apps.

Pre-register for free

You can apply free of charge and without obligation. I will get in touch with you and we will jointly agree on suitable terms for any further online coaching sessions.

eCoaching: Register now

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FAQ: The most common questions about my online coaching in detail

To people who have questions or problems in a professional context that are of a technical-factual and / or psychological-sociodynamic nature (see definition by the ACC Austrian Coaching Council) and who would like professional support for the goal-oriented solution of these questions.

eCoaching is a special form of coaching in which the coach and the coachee (in technical jargon: coachee) do not meet in person, but rather on the basis of an electronic communication medium. As a rule, these are video calls sent via e.g. can be held via Zoom, facetime or Skype. Otherwise, all rules apply to eCoaching that also apply to conventional coaching.

In terms of the process, eCoaching runs like conventional coaching, i.e. in several phases. After the first contact, e.g. was created using the contact form above, the concerns of the coachee and the objective will be discussed. So that the coach and coachee can work together trustingly and effectively, it is necessary to make agreements that ensure this. This is followed by the work phase, which usually begins with an analysis of the situation before the specific problem is dealt with and the coachee works out possible solutions with the coach’s process-related support. When the coachee sees possible solutions with which he / she can continue to work alone, the goal has been achieved.

eCoaching enables coaching even under limited conditions, for example if a face-to-face meeting is not possible (as is currently the case). Even under normal conditions, eCoaching can save travel costs and, above all, travel time.

In addition to the necessary technical requirements, such as internet access and the availability of an app or a program for video calls, such as Zoom, Facetime or Skype is a basic requirement that the coachee familiarizes himself with the medium and feels comfortable. So far I have made the experience that with good preparation, coach and coachee quickly forget the virtual framework and not a big difference to a physical meeting is perceived.