Workshop: My Future Perfect Sales

My Future Perfect Sales

Driving sales through innovative ways of collaboration
in a remote world

Online Workshop: 3 x ½ Day

Stormy times in business – It all starts with questions!

Did you ever ask yourself

  • what you need to be successful in the future?
  • how your customers will think and act in the future?
  • how to communicate effectively with your customers?
  • why online competence is an important prerequisite for your sales success?
  • how to work online to achieve better and faster results as a team?
  • how to combine visualization and digitalization in an innovative way for your sales success?

Try to imagine your next annual meetings with your top customers online.
It’s you and your team who make the difference ! 

We support YOU and your SALES TEAM by:

Enabling your team

…to effectively communicate (online) with your customers

Building competence

… by using new collaboration & communication tools

Adding VALUE

…to your partnership with customers aside from your core business

SELL more

…successfully with well structured, digital and collaborative approaches

My Future Perfect Sales


  1. Achieving digital fitness
    to control the sales process and give safety.
  2. Learning about visual communication
    to reduce distance in online meetings.
  3. Using stories and cases
    to benefit from experience.
  4. Thinking in future perfect (tense)
    to find solutions.
  5. Effectively using online collaboration tools
    to improve quality and speed.
  6. Turning thoughts into action
    to drive sales.


General Managers, Business Unit Leaders, Business Development Managers, Key Account Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and other members of your Lead Team.


3 half-days as of November 2020, specific days to be individually defined.


Interactive online workshop for corporate teams or individual participants
(More about this format here: Online Workshop Field Report)
Ideal number of participants: 6 to 12 people
Your trainers: Christof Sauke and Harald Karrer


According to your individual workshop requirements, starting from € 950,- per participant (plus VAT).

Christof Sauke and Harald Karrer at workshop
Christof Sauke and Harald Karrer Remote

Your Trainers

Christof Sauke

Strategic advisor, operative facilitator and interim manager. Many years of experience in management positions in global corporations enabled him to develop special skills and know-how in managing change and integration processes, developing strategies and working with multifunctional teams at the interfaces of different organizations and cultures.

The enormous potential of digitalization in combination with visualization for effective team collaboration is his latest field of interest. Christof met Harald at the beginning of 2020 which since then has resulted in a highly successful cooperation.

Harald Karrer

As a consultant, trainer and coach Harald dedicated his life and work entirely to the power and culture of the visual language. He quickly realized that his visualizations are not only helpful for himself, but also give extraordinary insights to his clients: into their lives, companies, relationships and much more.

As a commercial management consultant, he has the knowledge to be able to grasp economic backgrounds and topics well in terms of content and thus implement them in powerful and meaningful images. A partial study of philosophy enables him to analyze complex facts and to visualize them in a simple and concise way.

Be curious to see how he opens the visual language for your success!

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