Workshop: My New KEY Business Channel

My New KEY Business Channel

Current developments favor a rapid and lasting growth in e-commerce. You can benefit from it!

Online Workshop: 5 x 1 ½ hours

The world is in upheaval!

Covid is repeatedly forcing us into lockdown. Mr. and Mrs. Business Owner experienced this painfully (have a look at the video clip). They quickly realized that new ways of shopping need new sales channels and interlinked accesses.

We will show you how to do this in our interactive online workshop in 5 modules!

Frequently asked questions on the topic of e-commerce:

  • How and why does e-commerce work? What platforms do exist?
  • How big is "online" really? How big is its potential for my business?
  • Do I risk my established sales channels with e-commerce? Can I also launch new products online?
  • How do I link my offline and online activities?
  • Which skills do I need to successfully operate via e-commerce?

Workshop objectives:

  • Identifying new sales opportunities in e-commerce through further developing your digital marketing and sales model.
  • Understanding how e-commerce works.
  • Integrating e-commerce activities in an omnichannel marketing strategy in times of changing markets and customer behavior.

The 5 Modules: E-Commerce Workshop Content

Module 1

E-Commerce Basics

A general overview: why e-commerce? How has e-commerce developed? What are the differences to other sales channels? What are the rules of the game?

Module 2

How do Online Shoppers think and act?

Touch points – transactions – tracking: online shoppers’ typology, customer experience and customer journey. What does this mean for online sales models?

Module 3

How do Online Retailers work?

Successful online channels and players: what works and how? How is the listing and “shelf optimization” done in online business?

Module 4

E-Commerce as a part of the Business Model

The big picture: relevant questions, challenges and opportunities, omnichannel approaches, integration of marketing and sales, business success factors.

Module 5

My Future Perfect E-Commerce Business

Real life cases and what we can learn from them. Stepping into the future … and looking back. Shaping the future.


i.a. Managing Directors, Business Development Managers, Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, E-Commerce Managers, Marketing Managers (no special knowledge required)


Interactive online workshop via ZOOM.
(More about this format here: Online Workshop Field Report)
Number of participants: Module 1 up to 20 people, modules 2–5 up to 10 people.
Basic zoom account sufficient.


By registering and transferring an entry fee of € 15.00 you secure your participation in Module 1 “E-Commerce Basics”. After being registered we will send you an invoice via email.

Modules 2 to 5: € 290.00 as a package
Price per module: € 90.00 (for individual bookings), all prices plus VAT.


This workshop was held in January 2021. Are you interested in attending the workshop (or individual modules)? Please contact us for an individual appointment.

Your Trainers

Sascha Gillessen a-Gil

Sascha Gillessen

Over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing and sales in the cosmetics industry. He has built up and developed special know-how for e-commerce activities and the online brand marketing. His main focus is on developing and implementing  strategies for marketplaces and leading online retailers, including the ongoing  optimization of these processes. Sascha has been experiencing the importance of e-commerce in his daily work and he still sees future potential in this field for many companies. Unleashing this potential together with his clients is his driving force and motivation.

Christof Sauke

More than 20 years of experience in the international consumer goods industry. His focus of consulting lies in the field of international business development, intercultural management, marketing as well as sales and retailing in a rapidly changing business environment. Digitalization in sales and the use of online tools for effective and better team collaboration are his most recent fields of activity.

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