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We can put your company on the international stage!

International business development is a team discipline which requires an integral, intellectual and strategic approach for the whole company. Internationalization has an immediate and reciprocal dependence on the company’s culture and the flexibility of organizations and is therefore a top executive priority.

We make sure you achieve successful internationalization!

Christof Sauke, Managing Director

We are the perfect partner for your company if:

  • you are building or extending your business internationally
  • you want to make your organization international
  • you have to manage international projects professionally
  • you want to gain international clients
  • you want to work in internationally networked partnerships and teams


Some comments about Christof Sauke’s work methods directly from the clients, companions and people who have collaborated with him:

„Mr. Sauke is someone who can build up trust and motivate you with his expertise and personality.“

“A branding, strategy, authenticity thinker oriented towards sustainable and consistent solutions and results: this is exactly why we value working with Mr.  Sauke.”

“I got to know Christof Sauke as my team leader mid 2010. His integrity, pragmatism and the way he keeps focused on the fundamentals has left a lasting impression on me. In my leading position in a large German cosmetic manufacturer, I am still profiting from my time with him, to this day.”

“The way Christof challenges and questions everything with such expertise and creativity makes him more than a valuable key partner for dialogue and collaboration.  For this very reason, I have also entrusted him with some of my biggest clients.“

“As a young entrepreneur and start up founder, I profit immensely from regular sparring talks with Christof. Both his professionalism and all-round experience not only make me feel I am in safe hands, but also encourage me to identify interesting courses of action and potential business options, increasing my awareness for relevant topics.”

“I got to know Christof Sauke as a manager who is able to solve complex scopes of work in a result-oriented way, on both a conceptional strategic and a practical level. This is especially true for areas such as opening new markets, networking individual corporate divisions and optimizing communication. In short: His exceptional skills comprise change management in all its forms.”

“Mr. Sauke was our interim manager and managed our D-A-CH  (German, Austrian, Swiss) sales team into the next development phase: he was goal oriented, structured, systematic and methodological, authentic and motivating. Our company will benefit sustainably from this time.”

“Christof has been a wonderful, supportive and trusted business partner during the time of our collaboration…  which has now evolved into a close personal friendship.”

“Many thanks, Christof, for taking us and picking us up, for message tracks, tilting triangles, no brainers and changing perspectives.“

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We are experts in all issues of business internationalization

If you want to do business on an international level or have had problems to date, we are the perfect partner for you!

Internationalization: Questions and Services

International business is extremely multifaceted and challenging. But, don’t worry, you are in safe hands with our tried and tested success concept which will make your business fit for the international stage, too! The following list comprises our areas of expertise and most important services in the field of internationalization:

Operative business consultancy for your business success on the international stage.

Strategic thinking and forward planning as a corner stone to business success.

Project management or temporary takeover of management tasks.

Critical: The ability of your organization to process changes in a positive and active way.

People make a business successful on an international level.

To allow international and multifunctional teams to work efficiently.