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Hybrid Way of Working: More Success in Virtual Spaces

In the previous blog article on challenges in business, we established that digital collaboration and “connecting people” communicatively are among the absolute basics for mastering the challenges of today.

More about the basics on economic success in the video:

Communication needs new spaces

One thing is clear: connecting people has always been important. But today new spaces are needed to be able to realize this. Congresses, trade fairs, meeting rooms or simply at the coffee machine: This is where people meet and exchange ideas. This creates a sense of community, trust and promotes cooperation overall.

What is new is that much of this now takes place in virtual space and in the form of hybrid settings. Can social exchange even take place there in the usual way? Based on the experience of the last few months, we know: Yes, but you need a clear plan, “digital fitness” and competence in new methods and working methods in order to use the new tools and media correctly.

Are face-to-face meetings over? No, they even get a special status!

Digital fitness as a question of survival in modern business

We would like to give you some quick tips along the way so that the transition to hybrid forms of communication is as successful as possible:

  • Rethinking the workspace: Work, communication and sales are no longer just done on company premises or at the customer’s site – there is a need for openness to new channels.
  • Bringing employees together: Team meetings, workshops and team building seminars can sometimes be even more attractive in virtual space. Innovative platforms offer unimagined possibilities, so there is no reason for social isolation.
  • Digital corporate culture: Hybrid work must not only be understood as a catchphrase or as a “transitional solution”, it is about taking into account and living the advantages of digitization in all operational considerations.