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The MIRO whiteboard: a powerful tool for effective team collaboration

– Getting started in only 7 steps –

Aligning the members of diverse and geographically decentralized teams may be considered as a challenge in times of hybrid communication (a mix of online and in person communication). The virtual real time whiteboard miro is a powerful tool that helps to secure that all team members are on the same page and to further align their activities. Additionally virtual whiteboards can also be used in face-to- face meetings and may replace physical whiteboards in the future unless the analogue method is part of the exercise.

The following video shows how to get started once you have received an invitation link to a miro board:


The miro download app (for Mac, Windows, iOS & Android) gives access to some additional, helpful features compared to the web application, but principally both versions work well. Once being on the board you see 4 white menu sections in the 4 corners of your desktop as well as a vertical menu strip on the left side. Please note, that the allocation of individual functions to these sections may slightly change from time to time while new versions of the app are being published.

The vertical menu strip on the left side of your screen contains the most relevant icons. Being aware of the two general modes to operate the bord is particularly important: when the cursor is visible as an arrow you can click on existing elements on the board to modify these and also add new elements. When the cursor appears in a hand shape you can move the entire board.

To use sticky notes is the easiest and most effective way to interactively work on a miro board. Just pick a sticky note, choose a color and write your note. The options of importing icons and photos are two other useful features. And finally, all these individual elements can be easily connected.

MIRO Whiteboard: Conclusion

The miro whiteboard is an excellent tool to make thoughts visible, to show how things are interrelated, and thus to better communicate. It is also ideal to make people interact and to accelerate solution finding processes … and it is also engaging and motivating for creative team collaboration!

If you want to learn more about how to use virtual whiteboards like miro as a communication and management tool, have a look at one of my field reports or contact me now!