It has always taken a clear company strategy to sustain a successful company. After all, this has always been at the core of your success. However, one year ago, the world was turned upside down. At the onset of the pandemic, most of us probably thought that it was simply a passing phase, that we could sit out the crisis and we could quickly return back to our old daily routines. Read more

The particular importance of sales for successful business results in many markets arises from an increasing glut and competition for products and services, worldwide. Hence, the quality of market and customer processing is becoming more and more important.

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If your road is suddenly blocked, you have to look for alternative routes to reach your destination. The lockdown measures of the current Corona crisis is a perfect example of this. If we look back to the financial crisis of 2007/08, we can see how many businesses from all over the world were subsequently forced to change the way they looked at their businesses. Read more