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If your road is suddenly blocked and you cannot reach your destination, you will have to seek alternative paths: new or adapted business models, new strategies and concepts, new marketing channels, new products … in short: you may even have to reinvent yourself!

Road Closed?

Road closed?

Welcome to the new perspective: international blog! This is the place you will find new thoughts and impulses for the successful internationalization of business. I’ll be delivering useful input for the management of your company, critical in these challenging times of fundamental change in market conditions and consumer behavior. It seems that all of a sudden, Corona has closed familiar roads to business success. However, our new situation may also open doors of great opportunity … which we just have to identify!

Hardly any other example fits the heading “Road closed” better than that of the Austrian top company Do & Co, which has positioned itself as “The Gourmet Entertainment Company”. “Road closed” currently applies to all three business units, airline catering, international event catering and restaurants, lounges and hotels. According to media reports (see also interview in the Austrian radio station OE3 “Breakfast with me” and report in the magazine Trend, issue 13/2020), the founder and successful entrepreneur Attila Dogudan is now working on new, innovative business models and products. The Do & Co core competence of refining food and presenting it in a particularly attractive way in a special environment certainly has business potential even under completely new market conditions. It will be interesting to follow Do & Co’s activities over the next few months; but also those of many other companies that face similar challenges.


Think about what your core competencies really are. Where and how can these be used for business purposes under the new conditions?

My blog is aimed to motivate you to take courage, leave room for your creativity and yet implement any necessary measures with system and structure. For some extra inspiration, my ideas will be boosted by images from the visual specialist, Harald Karrer. I hope you will find my input and suggestions useful and of course would be delighted if you share them with your business partners and friends. Would you like to receive my regular updates? These blog articles will also be posted on LinkedIn.

Looking forward to some lively discussion and feedback!