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Aligning the members of diverse and geographically decentralized teams may be considered as a challenge in times of hybrid communication (a mix of online and in person communication). The virtual real time whiteboard miro is a powerful tool that helps to secure that all team members are on the same page and to further align their activities. Additionally virtual whiteboards can also be used in face-to- face meetings and may replace physical whiteboards in the future unless the analogue method is part of the exercise.

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A lot has meanwhile been written about Vienna’s new IKEA downtown store which opened on September 1st, 2021 right next to the busy Westbahnhof train station. Immediately after the opening visitors needed to pre-register for a slot of 90 minutes to allow as many as possible people to enter the store first time. Read more

Today, together with Harald Karrer, I would like to report on an experience we had together last week: the implementation of a three-day strategy workshop for a company in the Gulf region, entirely in remote mode. A total of 3 countries, 5 locations and 10 people with 7 nationalities were involved.

(by Christof Sauke and Harald Karrer)
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