Leading Change Process

Change and Transformation Management

Implementation of change and transformation processes in practice. Good planning is just half the battle.

Change involves the planning and implementation of concrete negotiations, which concern either the whole company or just parts of it. Change is often the reaction to circumstances which need urgent improvement, such as: turnover is too small, costs are too high, production times are too long, fluctuation of employees is too fast. However, the internationalization of business can also trigger a change process which is carried out in the form of a project.

In contrast, transformation processes are derived from visions in the present. The goal of the transformation is a complete change from the old into the new, a new definition of business models, a reinvention of the company. It’s about completely redeveloping the whole vision of the company, redesigning a new vision which allows the company to create new energies. The realization of the far-reaching comprehensive goals of internationalization may also require transformation processes.

Leadership, communication and project management qualities play an important role in every form of transformation.

Whether you are dealing with change or transformation, we will help you plan, prepare and successfully manage both processes.

Do you want to change your business? We can help you!

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